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Jackpot winner gets an unexpected visit and $100,000 in Wiscasset, Maine!


Attended the biggest wedding convention in Las Vegas for the past 3 days.
What a blast both at the seminars, in the city, and in the desert!
Now the "fun" part to fly back to Maine....

Adam and Andrea's wedding from beautiful Sebago Lake is completed with all the bells and whistles!

"Hi Petr,
We absolutely loved the wedding video!  You did a fantastic job and you can tell you put a lot of work into it. 
Thank you so much! We will gladly recommend you to our other friends getting married.
Best, Andrea"

Joachim & Jana's video is done! My first full high-definition wedding, looks amazing!

Gareth & Stephanie's wedding video is completed!

"We received the video on Saturday - prefect timing! We watched it with Gareth's parents and my mom - it was great - we all really enjoyed it! Thank you! Stephanie"

Scott and Julie-Ann wedding is done!

"Petr - I actually had a dinner party Sunday night and had our parents and friends over and we watched it.  It was  wonderful.  It was well worth the wait.  I am sorry I harassed you for so long while waiting.  If any one I know wants their wedding video taped in the future I will send them your way. Thanks again. Julie-Ann Booker"

Mark & Jillian's DVD is finished!
It ended up to be the second longest wedding DVD I've ever done, but there was just so much good footage to cook from...

"Hi Petr~  Well we got the video!  We were starting to think that it was never going to be finished.  It came out wonderful.  Better than we could have ever dreamed of.  We watched it yesterday morning, and I knew it was good when Mark was crying.  I am a blubbering idiot,but Mark never cries.  You got all the things that we wanted to see and more.  Loved the comments from our friends and family.  Glad we decided to do that.  The slide show and the highlights we watched twice it was great.  Thank you!  Jillian and Mark Chretien"

Robin & Aaron's 2-day wedding shoot edit is complete!
7 hours of raw footage edited into a 76 minute long DVD.

Back from Mauritius and Dubai. Very interesting places out there on the other side of the world!
The computer has been steadily working for the past 4 days! It appears, that in the current economic climate,
the software companies are passing the beta-testing costs to the end-users. Meaning that between Microsoft,
Adobe and Matrox, I had spent good 6 weeks troubleshooting their newest releases. I disabled all upgrades
until I am all caught up with work! Check out my underwater shoot in the Indian Ocean: