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blog 2008

Happy New Year! This is my 3rd week of full time dedication to resurrect my computer.
My ear is sore from hanging out with the tech support folks on the phone day after day
but I have a feeling this saga shall end soon. As I am packing my snorkeling gear, cameras,
110<>220 converters, sandals, tux, and other necessities for the trip to Africa,
I am doing my final, 9th Windows reinstall, 9 times wiser and 3 RMAs stronger than 3 weeks ago.

My plane is leaving in the evening but I'll keep working till the last minute....
I'm bringing my laptop and I'll do my best to get online everyday, so feel free to email!

Upgrading to 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate and the newest editing software.
I should have everything up and running by the end of the year, if all goes well.
Flying to Africa Jan 03-17, Mauritius 8 days, Dubai (UAE) 3 days, several days on the plane.
Thanks to everybody for patience, your projects will be well worth it, and fantabulous when done!

Melissa Ferrick's concert DVD is finished. 63 minutes of great music and added comedy :-).

Booked a wedding today on Mauritius in January!
That's over 10,000 miles and 30+ hours of travel.
Officially working world-wide now!

Wow, this has been an unexpected blow...10 days wasted on tech forums, on the phone, had 2 local computer wizards come to my place... After my 7th anniversary XP reinstall (the activation folks in India must know me by name by now!), I went back to older software until the newest versions are properly tested. Sorry for the 2 week delay on everything, I have really gone close to crazy over this, it's like your workplace burning down to the ground... Anyway, back to work, yay!

So I have 2 projects almost done and my computer dies! Not good... trying to fix it all day.

Working, working, working.... lots of work!

Got an email from Jenny & Thomas (married 8/30 @ Samoset Resort, ME):

"Hi Petr, just a quick note to let you know how much Tom and I enjoy our wedding video. You really did an incredible job and we are so pleased. Thanks for all your hard work! Best, Jenny & Tom Meyer"

and their photographers wrote:
"Thank you for sending your DVD, it is beautiful and we will certainly give your name to potential clients. Thank you for saying you will do the same ..... It was a real pleasure working with you and I hope we can do so again soon. Best to you, Gini Haines"

So I couldn't resist to test out the new camera. I made a horror movie from my office. 20 minutes of shooting (mostly the time-lapse) and another 20 minutes of editing (mostly the sound effects). I know it's not the best script, my feet are missing, but it was just to check out the new workflow :-).

Made investment in new equipment. Got the latest and the bestest Sony hi-def videocamera with all the bells and whistles (well, mics, cards, add-ons, haha...). It looks awesome!! I dare you to compare my 1920x1080 resolution available on blu-ray or DVD in cinematic progressive mode with any of my competitors in Maine.

I also have an underwater housing for it. So if you plan on getting married in rain or while snorkeling, I am your can-do guy! This is really the future equipment, and I am really grateful the 2008 season has been so successful to justify this.